Mortgage Types

Due to the fact that we wish to help as many families as possible with their dream of home ownership, CVE Mortgage Group, founded by Colin Eby, has a wide variety of different types of mortgages to fit every financial situation.

Not everyone has an easy time dealing with the banks due to previous financial hardship. Bank turn downs due to the need for debt consolidation, bad/poor credit or self-employment are all common reasons to be discarded by traditional banks. We believe that if there is a strong need, or strong case to maximize the value of continued home ownership, or to purchase a home for your family, we will work harder than anyone to make this possible for you by leveraging mortgage options/types such as Emergency Mortgages, Second Mortgages or even Reverse Mortgages.

If you need assistance in discovering the ideal solution for your needs after reviewing the list below of potential mortgage types available through the CVE Group, please do not hesitate to give us a call or complete our Quick Mortgage Application.


Reverse Mortgage

Bad/Poor Credit Mortgage

Debt Consolidation Mortgage

Second (2nd) Mortgage

Home Equity Mortgage

Emergency Mortgage

Power of Sale Mortgage

Private Mortgage

Mortgage Refinancing