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Mortgage Options-Solutions

We offer a wide range of mortgage options to our clients because not everyone’s needs or financial situation is the same. We wish to assist you in achieving not only home ownership, but solidifying your financial well-being.



CVE Mortgage Group has the ability to work with hundreds of mortgage providers; as a result, we are best suited to provide whatever assistance you need, no matter what your mortgage requirements may be.

We offer a wide variety of mortgage options that can work for individuals in a variety of situations.

Bad/Poor Credit Mortgage: For individuals whose credit is not sufficient for a traditional bank to approve a conventional mortgage, a bad/poor credit mortgage is an option. Often, there’s a higher interest rate for these consumers and a large down payment is required.

Debt Consolidation: This type of mortgage is an option for individuals who have high rates of consumer debt. A debt consolidation mortgage essentially refinances one’s home and adds the consumer debt (from credit cards, loans and other bills) to the mortgage.

Emergency Mortgage: Every once in a while, there are situations when the best financial plans go out the window. Consumers may be able to get an emergency mortgage, even if they are behind on property taxes, credit card or child support payments.

Home Equity Mortgage: This mortgage allows borrowers to take advantage of the equity they have built into their homes over the years. A home equity line of credit or home equity mortgage typically offers lower interest rates than other unsecured credit options.

Power of Sale: A power of sale mortgage can give a homeowner the opportunity to market their own home after defaulting on their mortgage. It may also allow the individual to bring their original mortgage out of default and to retain ownership of their home.

Private Mortgage: When consumers do not qualify for a traditional mortgage for a variety of reasons, need a short term loan or are in power of sale, a mortgage from a private lender is an option. This is known as a private mortgage. This type of mortgage is typically 1-3 years in length and requires payments on interest, not the principal of the mortgage.

Refinancing: Refinancing is a common practice in the mortgage industry – it can happen when an original mortgage is up for renewal, when homeowners are looking for lower rates for their mortgage or if someone has been turned down. CVE Mortgage Group can help homeowners to find the best rates with a home refinance.

Reverse Mortgage: This type of mortgage is designed and marketed for individuals of a specific age and draws down the equity of a home over the life of the mortgage. Homeowners who have a reverse mortgage do not have a monthly payment and can obtain funding without selling their home.

Second Mortgage: Homeowners may obtain a second mortgage for any number of reasons: debt consolidation, to get money for emergency situations or clear up collections and judgments. CVE Mortgage Group can help consumers to find the right second mortgage to fit their situations.

Self-Employed Mortgage:  It can be harder for the individuals who are self-employed to qualify for a mortgage, but it is not impossible. The professionals at CVE Mortgage Group, Inc., can help you find the right self-employed mortgage to fit your needs.

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